Thursday, 11 July 2013

The True Psychology of Colour

I thought the topic of colour psychology is over-discussed, yet I learn something new every day. And I want to share it, because sharing is caring. :)

If you are doing a renovation right now, this article is just for you. You are about to find out which is the best colour for every room in your house, combined with all the reasons why. Eager to find out more? Just read below..

You probably are aware of the fact there are primary and accent colours (made by combining the primary ones). Let's start with the primary first - yellow, red and blue. See out all their meaning and what to use them for.


It is true - yellow alone makes me smile :) This colour says cheerful and warm. After all, it is the colour of the sun. There is no doubt yellow draws the eye. What you might not know about this colour is it most often causes eye strain or eye fatigue. This is a condition that results in eye burning and itching.

Now back to our main topic - Which room in your home should you paint in yellow? The correct answer is - your kitchen. Besides brightening a room,  yellow is believed to increase your metabolism and give your energy. Exactly what you'll be needing when preparing delicious meals. 

An interesting fact to keep in mind: Do not paint a baby's room in yellow, because it makes them prone to crying. Since sometimes babies cry for no reason at all, it is highly recommended not to give them one more reason to do it.

2. Blue

Blue preaches calmness and serenity; it is the colour of the sky and water. Blue is also the so called corporate colour and most men's favourite colour (we all know they're the original business starters). It is productive, while not invasive. Do you know now which of the rooms in your house should be blue? The office, of course. It is a proven fact, people who work in blue rooms are more productive. People associate this colour with peace.

An interesting fact to keep in mind: The colour blue suppresses appetite. This is common sense to me and I'll tell you why: Have you seen blue-coloured food? I know I haven't, at least not one that is naturally occurring.


Red is the colour of love, no wonder red roses are a symbol for love.This colour evokes strong emotions like passion and intensity. Red is the perfect fit for a dining room. Read the interesting fact to keep in mind and you'll realise why.

Did you know the colour red can impact your performance on a task? It is associated with danger and failure. No wonder teachers correct student's work with a red pen. It looks like red is also the symbol of errors. But don't get me wrong, love isn't one.

An interesting fact to keep in mind: Contrary to blue, the colour red stimulates appetite. Many restaurants all over the world use it in their logos, ads and facilities to encourage customer's appetite. Examples include McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and many more. Pretty smart move to boost sales, right?

Now you know the three primary colours and their meaning. But there are still plenty of rooms and colours left to cover. Tomorrow, I will continue with the accent colours - green, purple, pink, brown, orange, black and white. You will find out all the secrets hidden in their symbolism, and how to use that to your advantage when painting particular rooms in your home.

Some spicy details will be revealed as well, for example, why green M&M's are considered to send a sexual message ...