Thursday, 1 August 2013

Can a Coffee Mug Alone Help You Survive the Day After an Allnighter?

I know it's not Monday, but for me it sure feels like one. Although it's one of the busiest weeks in my life, I just couldn't pass on the opportunity to share with you the best coffee mugs, I've ever seen. 

I wouldn't be lying if I say "I want them all!". As a coffeeholic, I am also a huge fan of mugs, especially when they're designed in a such creative way. So it's no surprise my jaw dropped when I stumbled upon those. Have a look yourself, they're more than amazing and can suit every taste. And the best thing is,most of them can be purchased from Amazon.

1.The Good Morning Mug

Wake up sleepy heads :) Whether it's time to go to school or work, it's good to be awake. I'm definitely not an early bird, so I can use every little trick for waking up (that exists). For example, I play loud music to wake me up and sing along. It helps me smile and leave my grumpy morning face at home. It's one thing to be sleepy, going to work, but it's for everybody's sake not to see unhappy and angry people first thing in the morning. This mug definitely gave me one more reason to smile, even at 7 am. And it's a great showcase on how coffee helps improving my mood. 

2. The Off and On Coffee Cup

Here is another example how we're not ON, until we drank our morning coffee. I can describe this elegant coffee mug as the male version of number one with the eyes and smile, perceived (who knows why) as more feminine. 

3. The My Cuppa Tea/Coffee

For bosses, who are certain of the way they like their tea or coffee and won't be satisfied with nothing less than perfection - here is your cup of tea (or coffee). Thanks to the colour matching guide, your secretary won't have room for mistakes when preparing your coffee. Pantone fans would also appreciate this personal mug. 

4. The Action Coffee Mug

No need to swear, just be proactive.  But if a swear word motivates you to work and overcome obstacles, than better get that mug to look at it every time you lack creativity, good ideas, or you just don't feel motivated enough. With this coffee mug, you will have no excuse to delay or postpone completing tasks.

5. The Fist Mug

Talking about power and getting things done, this next coffee mug is like a friendly advice to people not to mess with you, otherwise they can get brass knuckles in the face.

6. The Beyonce's "Put a Ring On It" Mug

The woman version of brass knuckles, and great reference to Beyonce's anthem "Single Ladies", most famous with the phrase "If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it". For women who would like to ring an alarm and remind their men what how fortunate they really are. On the other side, this is an affordable way for guys to show their appreciation, without having to buy a diamond. Just make sure your girl doesn't lack a sense of humour, otherwise she might take it as an insult. 

As a single lady I would me more than happy to put a ring on my finger for my morning caffeine fix.  

7.Octopus Cup

This one has the hidden surprise quality. You can pass it on to a colleague and closely watch the reaction. It's a bit scary but can't harm anyone, the safety of the coffee addict is guaranteed.

8.Lego Coffee Mug

To build your own coffee cup seems exciting. And now it isn't for kids only! We all know men keep their inner child for life, so they won't get bored with this cup. Besides, it's a great way to relief stress.

9.Cookie Monster Cup

And at last, but not least, my favourite one of all. Behold - the Cookie Monster Cup. It doesn't only look great, but it also has a great purpose! To have your morning coffee with cookies is divine. Cookies make everything better!