Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Best Eco Friendly Houses in Europe

Since I care about the environment a lot, I try to live as green as possible. Recently, I stumbled upon this article in The Telegraph and was simply amazed by what I saw and couldn't wait to share it with you. The houses you're all about to see are not only eco-friendly, but they are also extremely gorgeous looking.

There is no doubt in my mind that this type of eco-friendly and money saving home designs are the future. They are not only meant to reduce the negative human impact on nature, but will also save us costs on water and electricity bills. Just take a look at this amazing homes and find out their location and price.

1. Cornwal, Price: £295,000 to £325,000

This three-bedroom house is located in Portreath, at the Gwel An Mor resort. With an open plan inside, this lodge is equipped with air-to-water pumps which power the heating and air cooling. Those features make this stunning property 44 per cent more energy efficient than government guidelines stipulate.  

 2.East Sussex

This home has absolutely everything you might need - a harvester for rainwater, underfloor heating system, a lighting system that is motion sensitive and self-closing loos. It has 5 bedrooms on its three storeys  And if this isn't enough to make you a happy landlord, the central-vacuuming system must do the trick. You're into gardening? Well, don't worry, this house comes with 10 acres of gardens and grounds. A sweet deal, right? 

3.Hampshire, Price: £575,000

One of my friends said this reminds him of his grandfather's bungalow. Well, if it has the same features like this property, I would be more than happy to live in a bungalow. 

This Hampshire estate has a unique energy saving system. To be exact, it  produces more electricity, than it actually needs. This is the main reason why its creator House-builder Green Tithe won an Exemplar status by the Energy Saving Trust. The more I learn about this house's features, I think it's a great fit for a retiree.

4.West Yorkshire, Price: £795,000

Although this house looks like a ray of light, it is actually insulated, to reduce energy costs. It has three bedrooms, a spiral staircase, games room and limestone tiles with underfloor heating. And last, but definitely not least, there are also an alfresco dining area and a summer guest house, located in the grounds.

5.Oxfordshire, Price: £675,000

This house is created by one of the architects, who participated in the Eden Project. The shape of this estate is designed in such way, so that the sun can heat the bedrooms in the morning, and them the sitting rooms in the afternoon. The walls' outside is made out of straw, and the inside - out of glass. It has four bedrooms, but my favourite feature must be its green roof and walled garden.

If I have the privilege to live in such green and eco-friendly home, I wish mine will look like the one on the picture below. But for now, I can only dream about it :)