Wednesday, 10 July 2013

5 Insanely Smart DIY Projects

Well... This is my first actual post, so try not to be too harsh about it. Since I have a passion for Do-It-Yourself projects, I decided to dedicate my first post on this type of art.

I will not even try to pretend I came up with all this clever ideas on my own. Those are just gorgeous stuff I stumbled upon online and tried out at home later.  The best thing is - they require no special skills to be made and work for real!

1. Painted Key Covers

Have you been in the situation where you just can't find the right key to unlock the door while in a hurry? I know I have been for sure .. And don't even get me started on what happened after - an unfortunate accident that scarred me for life. Anyway, I'll keep the spicy details for me only and tell you a smart way to ensure this will never happen to you. 

As you can see, all you need is nail polish and some free time. They look pretty awesome, don't they? For those who would say they're too girly I will say - just change the colours. I know I'm not the craftiest girl on the planet, but even I managed to write words, with the help of a toothpick. So, it is entirely up to you whether you will paint, draw or write words. You can also colour just one key and be able to recognise it among all the others you have ;)

2. Floating Bookshelves

I will not even try to hide it - I was, am and always will be a bookworm. So it's no wonder I own a lot of books and will never throw out even the ones that look like abused survivors from a natural disaster. Just imagine my reaction when I saw the DIY bookshelf below: 

Isn't this great ? It is easy, organises your book in a charming way, everything is easy to find and at last but not least - it saves a lot of space. All you need is this metal thing.. I don't know its name but I know you can get it from a hardware store. It's strange that it's been over a year since I know how to do this, and there is still some free space on my wall.

3. Necklace holder

This tip is for all the girls who like wearing jewellery and storing it in a creative way. Not that I have anything against pretty vintage treasure boxes, it's just that necklaces get tangled in there.

I got one of these at home. One of my dearest friends supplied me with the wood (thank you, Josh) and the furniture knobs I got from an antiquarian store, but I'm pretty sure you can order such online as well. To assemble this, you'll need a hammer. This is what I call easy and pretty.

4. Scented candle holders

Is there a person who doesn't like the smell of coffee? I know I love it, and not only in the morning. My next suggestion, that I've already tried, is to make scented candle holders, like the ones on the picture below.

You'll need tiny bowls, the colour is your choice, coffee beans and tea lights. The candle's warmth makes the coffee smell amazing!

5. Signature coffee mug

At last but not least, here is my fifth suggestion - make your own, unique and recognisable cup. I've made one myself and no my colleagues have no excuse to use it by mistake.

Just do as written on the picture - take a permanent marker pen and use it to personalise your mug. It's up to you whether you'll write your name on it, or draw a funny picture. 

Those were my five Do-it-Yourself projects. I hope you've liked them and will try out some of them at home. Stay tuned for more.