Thursday, 10 October 2013

13 Chair Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Creativity has no limits and I truly appreciate this fact. Thank God there are so many designers who experiment with new materials, shapes and colours which leads to a rapid development of furniture industry in all its different directions.

Chairs are furniture pieces that can be very flexible, still widely used. Many designers create chairs, using wood as a material. But there are also those who work with plastic or glass, creating functional, beautiful and  inspiring seats.

I've gathered some of them together for you to see how creative a simple place to sit can be. Just take a look at these mind blowing chair designs.

1. The Nest

I must admit this doesn't look like the most comfortable chair ever, but I really like this bird-nest-looking shape and design. I can sit elsewhere and admire it. 

2. The Girly Chair

You might have a situation where your man doesn't want this pink girly chair in your place ... But who doesn't love challenges, and let's be honest - at the end it's always what we wanted, that happens. 

3. The Pipe

I would definitely rock this odd looking chair, that is almost completely made of pipes.

4. The Coffee Cup

Even without the smoke effect on top, this chair will look great almost everywhere.

5. The Fun Chair

It seems to me like I can lie on this colourful chair-bed for days. Seems both comfy while fun at the same time. There is absolutely nothing boring about this chair design. 

6. The Stone Lamp


This chair looks like a one dentists in the future will have... As for now, it looks ideal for reading a crime novel.

7. The Flower 

Flowers are one of the most beautiful Nature's creations. The designer of this chair is definitely aware of this fact and has created this pretty flower chair.

8. Aliens in a Bar

These remind me somehow of two aliens in a bar, spying on the human kind. Apart from my point of view, these futuristic stools will be a great asset to every modern bar.

9. The Garden Chair

Another wooden chair, I would kill to have in my garden. Classic material combined with great design features

10. The Illuminated One

This chair glows in the dark which I find fascinating. Perhaps it isn't very suitable to place in a bedroom, but it is ideal for a living room. At least you will know where is safe to take a seat, even if the lights are off, or you've forgot to pay your electric bill.

12. The Disco Ball

Yet another futuristic way to approach furniture design. This chair stands out like a piece of art. It looks like a disco ball to me, or a disco ellipse, to be more precise (in case such thing exists). It also seems covered with shiny buttons. Both cases - I'm a big fan :) 

 13. The Recycled Chairs

This isn't the cleanest way a chair can have ..  Not at all. But I kinda like this ruffled, torn apart look. I am also keen on how it looks like something that has been repurposed and given a second life in form of this weird, but creative looking chair. 

Honestly, I don't know how many rooms or even houses I must own to have these amazing looking chairs, but this doesn't stop me from wanting them all.