Wednesday, 16 October 2013

World's Most Creatively Designed Umbrellas

If you live in London, like I do, you will understand very well when I say we don't have a rainy season out here. What we have instead is a rainy year, because it showers practically all the time. No wonder I got so excited when I stumbled upon these amazingly creative umbrella designs. 

I love sun and warm weather, so an umbrella is one of those things I don't get so excited to carry along with me  very often and it is very necessary out here. Unfortunately, it is inevitable, if I want to go out. Staying at home when it rains, isn't an option in UK's capital, because it means you will spend basically most of your life at home, behind closed doors. 

So, just take a look at these unusual and creative umbrellas and you will be convinced that rain isn't such a bad thing, if only you have all these fun umbrellas.

1. Spy Umbrella

For all the detectives out there.. This is the perfect solution
on how to stalk someone without getting recognised. This goggle-shaped window umbrella will perfectly suit your needs. But perhaps you should choose another colour, different than bright yellow. 

 Designed by: 25 Togo Studio

2. The Water Pistol Umbrella

This creative and fun umbrella is designed so that it gathers rain water into its handle, which powers the water gun below. And when its pouring anyway (for the fifth time today), why not at least have some fun by spraying unsuspecting people, hoping they'll get amused rather than pissed off by this prank. 

Designed by: Alex Woolley


3. The F*** U Rain Umbrella

Designed by: Art Lebedev Studio 

Talking about getting pissed off by rain, here is an umbrella design, which will express this feeling in the most clear way possible. To be honest, I was originally drawn to this one (since I love sun, and hate rain), but then I thought it was too much. 

Now just imagine the following: You sprinkle someone with the water gun umbrella and the person turns around and shows you his umbrella, and it's this one .. 

4. The Full-Body-Covering Umbrella

                                                               Photo by: yamuhaton

Ok, it may look like you walk around in a plastic bubble, isolating yourself from the surrounding world ... But just try think from another point of view. If you are a fan of designer or vintage clothes, this is a steady way to protect them from damaging and spare some money from dry cleaning.. 

5. The Samurai Sword Umbrella

I hope I have some male readers, so here is something for them. This Samurai sword umbrella is manly enough to be carried around town all the time.

Just think about how you're leaving the office, pulling out your sword umbrella, in a masterful, medieval way.

 Buy here

6. The Wheel and Stamp Umbrella

Here is something for all the mothers, who have troubles making their kid bring an umbrella every time. Consider buying this wheel and it will seal the deal on carrying an umbrella on rainy days.

What this wheel and seal umbrella does, is to leave smiley face impressions using puddles left from the rain. 

Designers: yu-ting cheng, yu-hsun chung, shaw-chen chen

Now you have no reason to get depressed over bad weather. Just stomp your way to work, leaving smiley faces behind.

7. The Cup Holder Umbrella

This is the coffeeholics' perfect match. An umbrella carrying your coffee in the morning, while you're on your way to work? One for me please! It is like the best invention ever. 

Designed by: Ek Design

8. The Dogbrella

There are fashion lines for dogs, carrying clothing pieces that are more expensive than people's clothes. So it is only normal that our beloved pets needs umbrellas as well. With the dogbrella, you can be sure your best friend won't get wet and catch a cold by any chance. Do not waste any time and purchase the umbrella here. Hint: It is also good for cats, in case you take yours for an occasional walk, just call it the catbrella, so your cat won't get mad.

9. The Couple's Umbrella

There is no clearer way of making the statement: "We are in love and we can't live without each other!" Screaming it as louder as you can won't showcase it better than the Dualbrella. Looking for an early Christmas gift for your partner? You can order this merger of two umbrellas from here.

10. The Bagbrella

Designed by: Seung Hee Son

This umbrella transforms very easily into a bag, so that when the rain is gone and the sun is shining bright again, you get to wander the streets in a fashionable way - with a purse, instead of an umbrella.

And the transforming quality of the bagbrella isn't the best thing about it. It actually serves a more important purpose. You know how you arrive at your place with a wet umbrella, only to make your home a mess, by dripping water all over the place. Well, not any more.

11.The Golf Umbrella 

Who would have thought of combining an umbrella with a sports tool? Apparently someone did. As it turns out, its designer lived in Scotland (such a shocker right?), by the time he got inspired from rainy days at the golf course and came up with this unusually creative umbrella. He realised he and his friends were always carrying golf sticks and umbrellas simultaneously and this is how the idea of the golf umbrella was born.

12. The Sky Umbrella

Designed by: Tibor Kalman 

With this umbrella, a blue sky will be everything you'll see, even on the rainiest of days.

13.Light Up My Way Umbrella 

And at last, but not least, this umbrella will not only protect you from drizzle, but will also show you the way to your home. Literally. My first thought was: I might end up electrocuted, by having a lamp on my umbrella and exposing it to water.. But just wait to hear how amazing this actually is. 

This is the smartest and most innovative design for me so far. It turns out that when water drops onto the umbrella, it transforms into energy, making this umbrella shine. The stronger the shower is, the brighter the light will be, and you won't get lost even in the darkest place.

Designer: Sang-Kyun Park

Hats down to modern technologies, smart PDVF and LED surfaces, but mostly to creative and inspiring people.

If I own all these fun umbrellas, I wouldn't mind the fact that it rains so often here. Contrary - I would be amused by our weather.

Now I am curious to find out which one do you like the most?