Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Amazing Ways to Repurpose Old Items

Like most people usually do, I've made several New Year's resolutions. I've set my mind on making positive changes in 2014 and make it an year to remember, because as they say:

"Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."

Since I greatly care about the environment, one of them was to start leading  a healthier and greener way of life. What better way to do this, then reusing and recycling? I couldn't think of one, so here are some ideas on how to creatively repurpose old stuff and transform them into something new and beautiful.

Combining two of my greatest passions is a thing I am always looking forward to. Art lovers often find conventional furniture boring. Many of them strive to have an unique home, rather than owning the same furniture pieces as everyone else. If you are into the vintage or shabby chick style, then this article is just for you. Take a look at these gorgeous items, made out of old, ordinary objects.

1."Bottled" Lights

You don't have to necessary live in a winery, in order to have lightning fixtures made out of wine or water bottles. All you need is some tools and perhaps an electrician to help you a bit. Choices are various, and you can paint the glass, or do some decoupage for an even more dramatic appearance. 

2. Spoon Handles

If doing this, better use old spoons which are worn and even rusty. This way you will nail down the vintage look

Another great idea that involves spoons, suggests that you turn them into holders for different small items like on the picture below. 

3. Fork Hangers 

Talking about cutlery, spoons aren't the only type that we can use for other unusual purposes, than their original one. Forks are also suitable for creating unique home items. Like this great looking hangers. For even more ideas on how to repurpose forks, see the full tutorial below. 

 4. Racket Mirrors

I bet professional tennis players would love to have this at home (in case trophies aren't enough to mirror their reflection.) Although tennis isn't my favourite sport, I would be more than happy to have such extraordinary mirrors.

5. Cheesegrater Jewellery Holder

This is a fun and great way to store jewellery on display, and not all tangled in a box. All you need is a descent looking cheesegrater and bright coloured paint. For another stunning vintage necklace holder, which you can do by your self, refer to number 3 in one of my previous articles here.

6. Suitcase Chair

This is a chair, made out of an old suitcase. Kids would love it and it also makes a perfect bed for your pet - a cat or a small dog. Take a look at the pictures below and get hints on how to recreate this unusual furniture piece.

7. Royal Bookshelf

And at last, but not least, the most spectacular way to repurpose an old item and transform it into something new. Behold of the Royal Bookshelf. This is my favourite one of all. No doubt, it is the hardest to do, but I think it will worth the efforts. 


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