Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Mason Jar Project: 10 Stunning Ideas for Mason Jars

Winter is slowly approaching and because of the colder weather I spend most of my time at home anyway. I tend to get kinda lazy, like a bear, preparing for hibernation. So the fact I did something useful this time is actually a big deal for me. Since home improvement and craft projects are passions of mine, I decided to share it with you.

While staying at home a lot, I got obsessed with mason jars. And you can't blame for it, before you take a look and see all the coolest things you can do out of it. No special skills required. All you need is a jar and to push your creativity a bit. For those who can benefit from some ideas, here they are. 

1. Mason Jar Vase 

Let's start with the simplest one. Do not be fooled to skip to the other more complicated ones, because there is definitely something heavenly about simplicity.

What we have here is a light blue glass jar, flower choice is entirely up to you.

2. Mason Jar Aquarium

This one is suitable for a centre piece at a casual wedding, or you can just place it on your desk and admire it.

Fill a jar with sand and add some shells and other sea creatures. A hint for those who can supply sand for any reason - salt and cornstarch look almost the same.

3. Mason Jar Lamp

The mason jar lamp idea may require some extra skills but it isn't impossible to recreate. And this gorgeous look is totally worth recreating.

These are the garden lamps of my dreams. It's something that doesn't get in your face and will be appreciated at the same time as a great looking outdoor lightning fixture.

4. Portrait Mason Jar 

Now to another easy-to-do jar project that is very sentimental and romantic - the portrait mason jar.

A perfect present to give to a person close to your heart. Just hurry up before everyone decides to use this gift idea.

5. Monogram Mason Jar 

This one also plays with lights a very creative way. You will be needing a piece of wood, paint or furniture stickers, small jam jars and light bulbs.

I will definitely make one with the letter E and hang it above my bed to use it as a night lamp.

6. Mason Jar Cocktail Shakers 

Who would have thought of mixing cocktails in a mason jars. As it turns out it is possible.

This will encourage your friends to come up with unique recipes and mix their own cocktails at your party.

7. Mason Jar Sewing Kit 

From one type of art (making cocktails) to another (sewing).

The sweetest sewing kit, I've seen so far. It makes me want to take on this craft. Hopefully I'll find the time to do it this winter.

8.  Mason Jar Picnic Mugs

Far more environmental approach and hundred times better looking than plastic cups.

Not only will you have reusable picnic mugs, but might also teach kids a lesson about caring for the environment and inspire other people to do the same.

9. Mason Jar Planters

Another stunningly looking green idea suggesting to use mason jars for planting.

It's much better than using a pot, because glass is a see-trough material and the seeds will be exposed to more sunlight, which will speed up the growing process.

10. Christmas Jar 

At last, but not least something great for the upcoming  holidays.

This one has many purposes. Fill a mason jar with candy and give it as a present or make one for a table centre piece. If you use small jars, you can hang them on your Christmas tree and have the most unique toy pieces. Why not also include your friends or kids in the decorating process? Another fun activity to keep yourself busy with during cold winter days.

Doesn't all of them look heavenly beautiful? I find them unique, because some are romantic, shabby chick, vintage, others look modern - all in all there is something for every taste. So. isn't it time for you to roll up your sleeves and get crafty?